Note: All photos and materials on these pages are under copyright by A. M. Hoch

“I want the space enveloped by my installations to feel like the center of the atom: a place where our mundane laws of space and time breakdown, where the architecture of matter is replaced by the architecture of the imagination; where the laws and truths of the emotions and the spirit prevail over the material world”  – Amy Hoch.

Since 2001 I have been working with a lovely and insightful artist named Ame Hoch.  She was trained as a painter, though over the years she moved into installation and has found a way to make you feel you are inside a painting.

My eyes have changed working with Ame. First, she is incredibly humble, while being obstinate and brilliantly opinionated! If I want anyone to tell me the truth, it’s Ame. If I look to anyone to tell the truth in a piece of art – while turning my head inside out – it’s Ame! And, by the luck of the fates after the filmmaker Jenni Livingston introduced us, I have been lucky to be her producer on a big journey.

In the past years we’ve been able to mount installations at UC Irvine’s Beall Center for Art and Technology, in small galleries in Brooklyn, as well in Italy. Through this process Ame has moved into a dance with her love of science.

This expressed itself through her paintings on mattresses. Ame’s been creating enormous images of Mitosis: they feel like cells you want to climb into – sleep in – become a part of. That’s the genius of Ame, she makes you feel you are a part of something as tiny as a cell, and as remote as a lost memory. In the past three years, she’s decided we should so an entire program about the memory of cells – as they live in everything around us.

I love big ideas! (These are her twin bed mattresses below)

Note: All photos and materials on these pages are under copyright by A. M. Hoch

And, now for the work. Yet, this is a time where a metaphor is often looked down at with snark. And, it’s also time where the undercurrents of feelings within installation are seen as sentimental. So, it’s a challenge to find a way to mount this kind of work. Plus, it’s big. Plus, it costs money. Plus, it’s a big idea. Did I mention I like big ideas?

Hey, we’ve done it before!  And, I am pretty relentless in my belief in Ame. So, push on we do.

And, let me face it – I need this idea that a cell is important to explore. I need this passion to create a room that we become immersed in. I need to believe that all of this – this Theater of Memory as Ame calls it – is going to be something we can share with people.

So, I’ll keep you posted.  😉