If I can come back as anything in a next life, I want to come back as Fred Astaire’s pants.

Specifically, I want to be his pants when he danced on that ceiling.

Astaire and Stanley Donnen made that dance. And, that room. And, that kick ass idea to use a camera as obscura, and as a dance partner.

Oh, to be a fly on that 1951 wall:

Donnen: Hey, kid, we need another dance in the can. Fred, go figure out how you’re gonna look upside down while we move the room in circles.

Estaire: No problem, Stan. Give me twenty minutes and a fresh pair of pants.

I’m looking for some really clear video of this clip (unfortunately, it’s all shot from a TV – and the real thing is just incredible) – though I remember my dad taking me out of school to go the Gramercy Theater to watch this.  The first time you see it you just get that glee feeling that comes with watching the classiest man alive. The next time you see it you tilt your head around and try to figure it out.

What they did was mount the camera inside of a steel room, and move the room. Simple and totally crazy. Gorgeous to watch: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5b844_the-secret-of-the-ceiling-dance_shortfilms

I like to look at it on rainy days like this when I am a bit too tired; remembering when I was a dancer, and wishing I still could. Basic self sorry crap.

So, go ahead. Just watch the man dance, be upside-down with love: create a sleek, gimmicky, stylish, crisp, lovely way to use a camera.

Ah, to be those pants.